Tuesday, December 3, 2013

an explanation

(image from Pinterest)

Is it just me, or is all the internet/shopping/gifts/cyber/black/bargain/madness just a little overwhelming? I see lots of pretty things, I covet them, and yet I just want to turn it all off. Is it any wonder I'm searching Homeaway for remote Maine cottages?

Don't get me wrong: Thanksgiving was great; all my family members were happy and present and well fed. (Turkey/stuffing/pies, followed by this and this—both worth a visit.) My brother and parents and in-laws all visited, bearing beautiful gifts from China and craft fairs and Amazon.com. Tessa skated on the winter rink at the NGA sculpture garden rink, one of my favorite places in all of DC. Charlie checked out Skylab (so dated but still so cool) at the air and space museum. All good things, right? So why can't I get my act together this week and, you know, scout some art?

I go through this aversion to stuff every so often. Usually I just need to let it ride, and inspiration finds its way back to me. Tune in tomorrow, in fact, for a gorgeous project I just discovered.

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