Tuesday, October 23, 2012

blue love

Blue morpho butterfly wing

It's no secret that blue is my favorite color. I wear blue all the time, I like blue paint on my walls, and I'm definitely drawn to it in artwork. And of course I like "blue" in my blog names. It's peaceful and soothing. It's the color of water and sky. It's the color of my kids' eyes (and mine). 

I didn't know, though, that more than half of the world's population prefers it too. Sick children in one study chose blue uniforms (over green or yellow) for their nurses. In another study, blue computer backgrounds enhanced creativity more than other colors. And blue pigments have been prized throughout human history; some cultures valued them more than gold. This New York Times article, accompanied by gorgeous photos, explains all sorts of things aboutat least, what I think is—nature's purest, most mysterious and inspiring shade.

Picasso's blue
A popsicle
A peacock
My favorite fruit

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