Thursday, June 28, 2012

nod institute of art

"Red Birds" by Jen Skelley

I'd been meaning to write about the terrific prints that Land of Nod is now carrying. And when an email appeared in my inbox minutes ago about free shipping on the company's "Nod Institute of Art" items, I figured today was the day. Crazy inexpensive ($19.95, to be exact), these pieces could go in any room—kid's or grownup's.

"Turkey Feathers" (no artist given)
"Frost Garden on My Window" by Anna Emilia

If you're looking for a wider selection (or want to spend more than $20), consider Land of Nod's other art. There's Binth and Banquet, both of whose charming, cute/modern work I've written about before (and am glad to see at such a high-profile store). This elephant is one of the least cloying wall decals I've seen: 

Elephant decal

I'm totally into this vintage-y, preframed London underground map:
London Railway map

 Back in the "Institute," this gorgeous photo is only $9.95. I think I might get one myself:

"Coast" by Marco Suarez

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