Thursday, May 26, 2011

wednesday evening

Last night was hot and clear, and the light in the backyard was so pretty. My kids entertained themselves making mud (which I didn't photograph; you can imagine how it looked). I started to freak out about the mess, then remembered this post on simplelovely. I love Joslyn's quotes from Anna Quindlen—and from Tracey Stewart, founder of the fantastic New York cafe/kid space/family art school Moomah—as well as Joslyn's own great insights about "mellow parenting." 

OK, one photo of mud
I promise she was happier than she looks here

So I relaxed. My kids were having so much fun *together*, which is rare enough these days. What's not good about dirt and a garden hose? I smelled my peach roses and let the mud fly, knowing it was nothing a good shower and washing machine couldn't clean.

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