Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm kind of ashamed of how much thought I put into my four-year-old daughter's wardrobe. I'm also kind of proud of how great she looks—not to mention how proud she feels when she gets a compliment. It's delicate, though: I want her to feel pretty and enjoy having nice things, but I don't want to overemphasize prettiness. Kindness and compassion and respect and gratitude are much more important, of course. But I don't think being kind and enjoying, say, a pretty dress are mutually exclusive.

(Can I take a second to address the pink/princess issue? I like the color pink just fine; I wear it myself, and Tessa has plenty of pink clothes and pink stuff in her room. Her favorite color—and mine—happens to be blue. I try to stay away from all the packaged princessy stuff; it's a throwback, it's sexist, it's limiting to the imagination, and often it's just plain ugly. Those polyester ink-saturated nighties? Please. But I don't have strict rules about princess-ness; I don't offer it up myself, but we do get princess gifts sometimes, and I try not to make it a big deal.)

Anyway, this not the place for moral debate; I'm talking about girl clothes, after all. I like a balance of sassy and pretty. I loved Stella McCartney's collections for GapKids. Now she's putting out her own children's line, at stellamccartneykids.com, and it is gorgeous. If I had some sort of summer event to take Tessa to (anybody want to invite her to a wedding?) I'd choose this little white number:

Love the squared-off armholes and fantastic embroidery

This one has flounce *and* embroidery
Love the ruffly straps
Just like miniature JBrand Houlihans, right?
Would look great with the skinny cargoes or cutoff jeans
Blue, check; flowers, check

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